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How to Play

Solve 5 Unique Weekly Problem-sets

The Engineering Academic Challenge is an immersive interdisciplinary problem-set based competition built around 5 transdisciplinary themes including Future of Energy, Future of Making, Future of Medicine. The first problem-set will go live on Monday, October 10. On every following Monday for 5 weeks – until Sunday, November 13 – a new problem-set of questions will be posted.
Watch the webinar on how to play the Challenge.

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How To Win

Get to the top of the leaderboard

Use Knovel and the Engineering Village platform database Compendex to answer real-world questions about a trending engineering topic each week. Get to the highest ranks on the leaderboard and win great prizes! Weekly winners will be announced each week, and grand prize winners will be announced at the end of the 5 weeks.

Read the FAQs
Top Reasons For Joining the Engineering Academic Challenge Today

Get Connected With Fellow Engineers

Engage with a global community of engineering students all over the world through friendly competition,

Experience searching with Engineering Village & Knovel

Brush up on your engineering search skills and efficiency with the help of both Engineering Village platform database Compendex and Knovel. If your school only subscribes to one of the databases, Knovel or Compendex, for the duration of the game, your Engineering Academic Challenge credentials will give you access to a selection of content on both databases.

Get Recognized and Win

Winners get recognized in the champion leaderboard and win great prizes.