Do you want more points & a chance to win additional prizes?

The EAC's weekly (optional) design & research challenges give you an extra opportunity to hone your skills and earn additional prizes while harnessing Knovel & Engineering Village to probe the depths of engineering knowledge.  Send us your solution to one or several challenges below before Sunday November 5, 2017.  Good luck!

Week 7 Bonus Challenge 1: Can you Communicate Your Engineering to a 10-year old? 

Have an awesome engineering project you're proud of? Can you explain it to a 10-year old? 
You may do this using any medium that you'd like...just be clear in your communication. Write a paragraph, create a short video, draw a visualization and we'll promote you on social media! Is work work published or online anywhere? Post a link to it with your submission, and we'll promote it! 
Individual or team entries are welcome - and an boost your score by 200 points! Email us your entries. If you're social media savvy, post to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ElsevierEAC and we'll retweet/repost you on our channels! 

Week 7 Bonus Challenge 2: Our Functional Fabric Future

Clothing that can take and share pictures? Bedding that can monitor sleep apena? Fall prevention systems for the elderly? Fabrics as a service? All of those devices, and a whole lot more are poised to become a reality in the near future. 
 Smart textiles (or functional fabrics)  capable of sensing, communication, and actuation are projected to become a $ 9 B dollar industry by 2024 – a new generation of smart, flexible engineering materials. 
 Like most engineers, you probably don’t have a formal background in this area – but you can get up to speed and in depth quickly, in just a few clicks. Through Knovel & Engineering Village you have rich, state-of-the-art content on the design, manufacturing, evaluation, and applications accessible in seconds. 
For an additional 200 points: 
Create your own graphical abstract illustrating a functional fabric application that you read about in Knovel or Engineering Village, and how it works. 
Be creative – hand draw, use PowerPoint, Illustrator – use any tool you like to create your visual and send it to us as a single PDF.  Include appropriate citations somewhere on the visual! We’ll feature your entry on our social media channels. #ElsevierEAC
For a 100 more points this week, find 5-8 relevant resources in Knovel & save to a MyKnovel folder
  • Create a MyKnovel account 
  • Save the resources where you find the answers in a MyKnovel folder
  • Share the folder with us at
  • Include the names, university affiliation, and emails of all team members (up to 3 members) 
  • We’ll share our favorite entries on social media, so include your handles (or at least your university's social handles) in the message body when you share the folder.