Do you want more points & a chance to win additional prizes?

The EAC's weekly (optional) design & research challenges give you an extra opportunity to hone your skills and earn additional prizes while harnessing Knovel & Engineering Village to probe the depths of engineering knowledge.  Send us your solution to the challenge below before Sunday October 22, 2017.  Good luck!


Research Challenge week 5: Knovel Quest - Complete all 3 Rounds to Unlock a Prize

We have a new look! We just launched a brand new Knovel user interface with enhanced search, personalization, and data analytics capabilities, in the cloud. This week, embark on a Knovel scavenger hunt to answer the engineering trivia below.

  • Create a MyKnovel account
  • Save the resources where you find the answers in a MyKnovel folder*
  • Create Folders for each round (e.g. Knovel Quest Round 1, Knovel Quest Round 2) & share them with
  • In the message, add your name, university affiliation, and any social media handles
  • Upon completing this Knovel quest, you will have built a personal library of engineering resources that you can access through your MyKnovel account – from anywhere, even after graduating from engineering school.
  • We'll draw 3 lucky winners from this week's challenge. 

Round 1

  1. The tensile strength of oil-tempered steel 4340 at 315 oC is _____________.
  2. The ultimate tensile strength (UTS) & maximum service temperature of vulcanized rubber
  3. The melting point of cyclohexane (save the table where you find this)
  4. Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide is used as a __________________. It has caused many industrial accidents because ______________.

(save the resource where you find this information)

Round 2

  1. A book by a relatively famous British materials scientist, who has a type of plot named after him.
  2. A foundational textbook “Exploring Engineering”
  3. The handbook by a major professional society on fatigue & fracture
  4. The tensile strength of arc welded 4335V low-alloy steel joints (ksi)
  5. The most recent ASHRAE Handbook for HVAC systems

Round 3

  1. A freebie – save any book you like J. 
  2. Equation for heat transfer & mixing in baffled and unbaffled impellers 
  3. A book chapter on corrosion resistance of duplex stainless steels 
  4. Yaws Critical Property Handbook